Global, National, & Provincial Youth Dialogues

Building on a history of over a decade of successful, collaborative, project-based learning programs, the Centre for Global Education, alongside strategic partners, design and deliver intensive learning, advocacy, and action projects, called Youth Dialogues, on Provincial, National, and Global scales. These rich and comprehensive projects focus on exploring, empowering, and advocating deep, contextualized learning and exploration and critical dialogues between high school students.

Students need the skills to build societies that welcome diversity and encourage an open-minded and inclusive approach, and prepare young people for the complex realities of our interconnected world. The mandate of Youth Dialogue projects is to assist youth - generally in grades 7-12 (ages 13-19) - from diverse and inclusive communities across provinces, countries and the globe - to develop a deeper understanding of issues that impact them in their lives and communities.

Topic areas that we have facilitated events around include:

  • Energy and Climate Change
  • Biodiversity
  • Gender-Based Violence
  • Future of work
  • Reconciliation, etc.

Youth Dialogues are designed, informed, and co-facilitated with multi-stakeholder experts across the academic, social-science, education, government, and advocacy fields. The online learning activities and video conference events forefront current knowledge, innovations, and perspectives, and help youth identify promising strategies, actions, policies and programs in addressing some of our nation’s greatest challenges.

These projects, spanning weeks or months, build real skills in dialogue and critical thinking, as well as empathy through sharing of regional lived experiences and perspectives. They weave together a multi-system learning approach, including:

  • Real-time, inquiry-based, interactive video conferences with expert mentors, advocates, and community leaders, Indigenous peoples, academics, and students
  • Asynchronous learning activities loaded onto the TIGed online classroom
  • Training and support in designing and launching action and/or advocacy projects
  • Youth Leadership Symposium & Writer’s Retreat - the outcome of which will be a global/national/provincial youth Policy Brief or Project Report [Please see Publications Section of this website for examples of such papers]

Example of Global Youth Dialogue

The Centre for Global Education, TakingITGlobal, UNESCO, Ocean Wise, and a number of strategically chosen partner organizations, are laying the groundwork for a collaborative youth mobilization that will engage over 50,000 youth, from every continent, in the world’s largest synthesis of under-18 youth education and action on climate change.

Over six months, selected global schools engage in online, project-based learning on a dedicated virtual classroom platform, collaborating with their student peers from around the globe as they expand their knowledge, awareness, and action/advocacy skills on issues pertaining to climate change. They dialogue and exchange ideas during a series of interactive, real-time videoconferences, exploring the local, regional, national, and Global context and intersections.

This project culminates in 1 representative from each of the participating nations, the National Lead Youth, engaging in a ten-day synthesis process ahead of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change conference (COP). During this leadership event, the participating National Lead Youth works alongside their global peers to collate and condense thousands of hours of work on the classroom, youth action projects, art, and discussions into a global youth policy brief, which is presented to the leaders of the world at COP.

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