Global Encounters

Bring the world to your classroom and the classroom to your world by giving students the opportunity to hear from global experts on the people, places, and topics you are learning about in your class. Through FREE 45-minute virtual events - both live and interactive & livestreamed on youtube - students can listen as experts share stories of their real-life experiences. As they watch live, students can interact and ask questions of the expert, as well as participate in polls and quizzes! These experiences, offered at both elementary and secondary levels, are open to teachers with students, parents with homeschooling children, and anyone interested in bringing global issues into their classroom or living room. Between September and June, click the link below to explore and register for any of our free events, or signup for our newsletter and receive event information as soon as it comes out!

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How It Works

1. Register - Use the registration link on our event page to select a session and indicate how you would like to participate > on-camera, live and interactive with our expert, or as a viewer tuning in off-camera to the livestream (you can still participate via chat!). Camera spots are limited and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

2. Prepare - Three weeks before the event, you will receive a supplemental pack of learning activities and resources for the session. This FREE pack, designed specifically to enhance each event, contains optional in-class activities, discussion questions, and resources such as lesson plans, videos and web articles, and quizzes to enhance the experience for your learners.

3. Participate - You will receive a link to the meeting directly in your inbox. Tune in at the scheduled time and date for the session. All events are streamed live to youtube, and archived on that link, so if you miss the live event you can watch it later. Interested in seeing some of our past events, check them out here!

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Registration for winter sessions are now open. If you have any questions, please email: