Four Nations Classroom

The Four Nations Classroom creates a classroom of the world and brings the world into the classroom. From the months of October to December, hundreds of students from every corner of the planet connect in a series of meaningful large group and one-on-one encounters. School representing each nation meet via Video Conference and collaborate through the innovative blending of multiple technologies.

Enter the Four Nations Classroom

Classroom StructureEach country meets four times over one month with each other country in their group of four. During the four meetings, schools will cover three outcomes: Education, History and Culture, and Perceptions and Changes. Video Conferencing and the Global Student portal are the principal technologies used throughout the class.

Truly a Global experience!Over the last three years, over 2000 students, from 16 countries have come together. Our programming has or will have this year connections in China, Pakistan, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Brazil, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Afghanistan, Mexico, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Macao, USA and Canada. (Just to name a few!)

ClassroomsThis term, the following classrooms are operating: