Global Encounters

Offered by TakingITGlobal and the Centre for Global Education, the Global Encounters program brings together students from across the world through live video conferences that explore global issues and the potential youth have to shape a better common future.

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What is a Global Encounter?Each global encounter begins in a safe, interactive and content-rich TakingITGlobal virtual classroom, where participating students join international peers and graduate student mentors to learn about the issues and topics of the upcoming video conference. This online learning and engagement period is key to students' active and informed participation in the live event, as it allows them to become better acquainted with relevant information and each other.

The experience then culminates in an international video conference that connects participating students to hear from engaging keynote speakers and share questions, ideas, and reflections in real time.After all is said and done, students come away with a deeper understanding for the global issue at hand, a community of peers from around the world, and an appreciation of their potential as agents of change in their local and global communities.

Program PartnersBased in Edmonton, Alberta, the Centre for Global Education (CGE) facilitates programming for over 10,000 students every year from every corner of the planet, with a focus on peace and global education and higher level learning and research. CGE organizes approximately 100 video conferences per year. Please visit for further information.

TakingITGlobal empowers youth to understand and act on the world’s greatest challenges. A social network unlike any other, our award-winning, multilingual online community offers a diverse set of action tools and educational resources designed to inspire, inform and involve. Please visit TakingITGlobal for further information.

TakingITGlobal for Educators (TIGed) is a community of globally-minded educators interested in empowering their students to think and act as world citizens, a collection of resources that facilitate the inclusion of global perspectives in the classroom, and a virtual classroom that allows students to use collaborative technology in order to connect with people from around the world and learn about global issues. Please visit TIGed for further information.