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The Schedule for 2016-17 Conference is up and we are super excited to have the world join us for another amazing year. From Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone to the UN Climate Change conference (COP22) in Morocco, we are thrilled to be connecting classrooms to the people and places they are learning a...

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Supporting Climate Leadership in Alberta Schools
From small prairie settings to sprawling urban centres, students engage in a provincial discussion focused on developing solutions to the growing concerns over climate change. What it means to be a climate leader now extends beyond the classroom and into the culture and identity of all Alberta Schoo...

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Child Soldiers: Caught in Conflict
Connect to the people and places you learn about in class. ...

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What is CGE?

The mission of The Centre for Global Education (TCGE) is to educate 21st Century students for a 21st Century world by providing global learning opportunities, enhanced through technology, informed by sound research and innovative teaching. Through a series of strategic relationships, The Centre has uniquely placed itself as a international hub of technology innovation, higher learning and global education. Learn more about CGE >

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